Reinventing earth

Do you want to heal terminally ill, rescue animals from a horrific enslaved life, live in a society that cares and restore the earth’s environment?

You can. When we all get together, it will happen.

I am calling for everybody to make a petition
and share it around and for them to ask everybody to make a petition too.
I do not accept a world were killing and exploiting smart beautiful caring creatures is legal. And were a beautiful healing herb capable of healing terminal diseases and preventing them and giving the people some ease of mind, is being demonized because ‘they’ can not make a profit of it and ‘they’ want to be rich and have control. The U.S.A. has a patent on this plant, that’s illegal, to patent nature and it proves they know how healing it is. They have all known for a very long time.

A vegan diet = the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land & water use.
This & growing a lot of veganic tall, fast growing soil and air improving healing herbs will fix it all.

Worldwide protest!!! We need a public outcry all over the world.

After a long process of informing a lot of people.
I have found a neurologist who is interested in conducting official clinical trials on cannabis curing terminal illnesses.
The first ever clinical trial using the Rick Simpson treatment.
He lacks funding but this should be

covered by the system and tested on all sorts of diseases.
Because cannabis is also a preventative for many diseases
we will not stop our protest until
we get: total legalization of recreational use
and no more laws about how many plants we can grow.
We need as many plants as possible to

restore the earth’s atmosphere and heal the  people.
Worldwide protest! Only if we all get together we can change the future for the better!

It takes a while for knowledge to be absorbed by the medical community.
Now I hope they will get it right.
Over 200 terpenes. Over 100 cannabinoids. And they want to recreate it and put it in pills?? “THC provides the overall melody, but the symphony wouldn’t be as appealing without the harmony, tone, and mood provided by other molecules”. Just get the right strain.
For this R.S.O. treatment that is: with 100% indica characteristics with high thc and high cbd levels.
For curing a terminal illness for instance you need to eat a lot of oil. We will not allow this to be monopolized by pharmacists.
Because indica is relaxing and sativa is uplifting for this R.S.O. trial we need a 100%!!! indica in reported ancestry and characteristics: Highest myrcene levels, small plant, thick leaves, with dense compacted buds and short flowering time. Veganic.
Veganic is necessary because this will have the least possible toxins and these are sick people we are dealing with, so we can not take any risks of this interfering with the outcome.
Permaculture, no till, veganic is the future.
Companion planting is an inexpensive, planet-friendly long term organic solution to
providing natural insecticides and fungicides
Most plants need bees to pollinate, bees are disappearing at an alarming rate because of pesticides & habitat loss. Bees love weed & feed the pollen to their young. Grow veganic cannabis.
Even children heal with R.S.O. Look a baby’s brain tumor that couldn’t be operated on; disappeared in only 4 months:
Free our weed.

It’s effective for parkinson, alzheimer, cancer, arthritis, PTSD, chronic pain, nausea, relieving insomnia, stress, anxiety, spasticity, epilepsy, opioid addiction, and so on?

It’s a lot safer than the opiates prescribed today

(it is impossible to overdose on and far less addictive).
Less teens report using marijuana after legalization, studies concluded.
We need research and growing freedom.
Older people get more productive using cannabis because they have less pain and other complaints, studies prove.
And this can actually cure the disease, not just suppress the symptoms with a lot of side effects.

When taken in the right protocol.

Share this message: Sign and make a petition yourself,

Worldwide protest!!! We need a public outcry all over the world.

And help our good friends.

By replacing the animals
(do not kill any one of them, they deserve an well looked after life,

just stop breeding them for exploitation)

for tall fast growing plants everywhere,
we will restore the balance.

Do the math, it’s enough.
We will also have to invest in renewable energy sources of course.

Do it because:
*  It will protect your mental health. Because you are a good person and this moral schizophrenia hurts you more than can possibly imagine. These highly intelligent and feeling creatures scream and shout all their lives, their lives are hellish. Their children get stolen. They are slaves. Do you honestly want to cause that sort of misery?
*  It will protect you physical health. It is proven nowadays there are greater health benefits of a vegan diet if executed right. The American Medical Association is now telling hospitals to go vegan and ban meat and dairy. The Institute of Research on Cancer is asking the population to cut down meat and avoid processed meat. And according to the Dietitians of Canada, “a healthy vegan diet has many benefits, including lower rates of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure / cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.” And Canada’s Draft Food Guide Favors Plant-Based Protein And Eliminates Dairy As A Food Group.
*   This will save the earth. All these animals that are bred for exploitation produce methane that is 25 times worse for the earth’s environment than CO2 is and is responsible for the largest part of the pollution of the earth’s atmosphere. Following a vegan diet is the best action to reduce one’s ecological footprint (United Nations, Greenpeace, Forbes, Oxford Martin Schools research)
*  It will free our friends and give us a society that cares. Or tries to at least by law. We do want to live in a world where slavery is illegal right. I do not believe in harsh punishments either. We want a caring society. So let’s teach everybody to care somehow. Or they can clean up plastic waste and do other earth improving activities.
*  Do it to stay free.
* It’s not necessary any longer there are plenty of other good things now.

This is what could happen if you keep asking the governments to fix it for you:
This is their solution, wait a minute, is this total control in disguise? Do you trust this?

Agenda 21/ agenda 2030.

‘It is an incredibly clever plan.
The punchline is in the fact that anyone who lives on Earth,
has an impact on his or her environment and thereby falls under the global regulation
of Agenda 21/ 2030.
As a result, every activity of every person in this world will fall into the category:
sustainable development.
And now one of the focal points of this sustainable development is:
the control of the world’s population “.

It will mean they can collect more taxes, we the people get poorer.
It will mean they can implement a whole lot of laws, that will not be good for us, figure it out people.
It will mean they can kill us if we are a treat to our environment.
And whenever they say we are and this way, they can control everybody.
Never get a chip inside your body.

They are making this already.

Think about it. If this chip can make you smarter,
it can probably make you stupid, or placid too!
So they can control you even better.
But what if they will say you can not buy or sell
or collect your wages without it.
They will put it under your skin. It will be very small.
Will we be slaves like our animal friends are now?
I do not want to take the risk, do you?
Take action now.

Do you think they will not do this, look what they are doing to puppy dogs now already.
A so called sophisticated government.
Look at what you are eating.
You are a good person. do not underestimate the detrimental psychological and physical effects moral schizophrenia has on your wellbeing. These animals are all highly intelligent and feeling individuals.
There are so many very tasty alternatives friends.
And more will come if we all follow this new
compassionate trend.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) experiments on dogs.
VA’s experiments include giving 6-month-old hound puppies heart attacks,
drilling into beagles’ skulls, and severing dogs spinal cords. Come on do something please!!!
Tell Congress to pass the PUPPERS Act…  
This is not my petition, but please. Write a letter, help these puppies.
Sign for these kittens not to be tortured and killed by the government of the U.S. PLEASE

Look at what they are doing to our medicines because they can not make money of it. And they want to push their expensive medicines that do not even work and

make people sicker with all their side effects.
It will get worse because f this: US-UK trade deal selling NHS will make

their medicines that do not work more expensive.

While the real medicine is being demonized so they can have it synthesized because otherwise they can not make money of it.
They have been planning this for a very long time. It’s a set up.
The US has a patent on the healing qualities of cannabis, that’s illegal, to patent nature. Just so you know, they know it’s
very healthy.

Do your research and read the petition.
A lot of research has already been done.
Official recent studies came to the conclusion that cannabis often, is a preferred medicine for mentally disturbed people and it is actually good for them.
Even for serious conditions like schizophrenia.
They might just be allowing a small window of legalization in the US right now,
so they can collect all the names of the cannabis enthusiast so they can kill them in the future? I hope that’s all not true.
Yes you heard it right, the death penalty is something that is barbaric all together.

That can not belong in a sophisticated society.
They want to give it to people who use or grow a healing herb!
Otherwise how on earth would they sell their expensive medicines that do not work, right.
Can you please see the big picture.

Like they already do in other parts of the world.
Death penalty for a tiny bit of medical cannabis oil. Even is it was a lot.

Come on, help this friend.  
After a long and horrific crusade against this healing plant,
the government of Thailand is growing medical cannabis now. Hypocritical?
Well let’s see it as a tiny step in the right direction and stay hopeful.

These petitions can really make a difference. Dr. Ganja who gave this medicine away for free: to sick people; might not get the death penalty now because of a petition.

So do not underestimate the power of your voice.

Please sign. And create one to.

Clinical trials for R.S.O. and legalize cannabis worldwide.

I have found a neurologist who is interested in conducting clinical trials on this.
He lacks funding
but this should be covered by the system and tested on all sorts of diseases.
On the internet I have been reading stories for several years now,of people, children and animals too, healing of terminal illnesses. After they were given up by the regular medical system they tried this R.S.O. protocol they (or their caregivers) had heard about. And they recovered completely.

Here is all the background information on how to heal terminal diseases:
Please contact me if you know of a funder for this official clinical trial. And for the name of the neurologist.
Must be done veganic= vegan and organic.
All of these precise precautions are necessary because these are sick people we are dealing with and they have a low immune system. For this first ever and groundbreaking trial (and all the others too) to succeed we must make sure there are absolutely no residues or toxins of any kind that could be responsible for this not to succeed.

For curing terminal diseases a lot of R.S.O. ( Rick Simpson Oil/ high thc high cbd 100%indica strain cannabis oil) is required (60 grams in 90 days). This needs to be eaten with an additional  month of building up to being able to tolerate this amount. For maintenance and preventative care a lot is needed too and it is all way to expensive now. We will not allow for this plant that would naturally grow by the side of the road everywhere to be eradicated, demonized, criminalized, synthesized and so monopolized to control the masses. We will not slowly become more and more enslaved to governments, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies and the very rich who think they can control everything and enslave people to the expensive harmful synthetic medicines they have an interest in. Poor and sick people are easy to influence and control and they will fight for anyone who claims to be able to make it better and they will fight each other. Is this what is going on in the world today? We will not stand for this. We are with many. Together we are one, living on one earth, and everybody has to be respected. We can make a difference worldwide action is required. We will not be enslaved by their system any longer. Protest!!! Please read and start a petition yourself too 🙂 In it, ask everybody to do the same. After you hand it in, you can start another one. Until it is done. Together we can do this. Thank you!!! We need to immediately start a worldwide action involving everybody who is available for this to free our weed. No laws of how many plants one can own either. People will still buy good quality it will not collapse the market either. Let the governments everywhere know we will not take it any longer and lets make them change the laws by our never ending continues peaceful petitions.
We need more clinical research regarding medical cannabis, however so much research has been done already, also to the preventative benefits. It is absurd it is still controlled monopolized demonized and illegal. Read how healthy it is in the patent of cannabis of (yeah you are reading this right): the U.S. of America. This plant already deserves full respect. Read the petition for more information.
Do it to heal give the terminally ill, a fighting chance.
Do it to save the earth’s atmosphere because all these tall and fast growing plants
will be enough to improve the air quality.
Do it because this natural herb is a preventative for a lot of diseases.
Do it because it will help people to become more relaxed and fight less.
Do it because we do not want to be told how many plants we can grow.
Do it because their solutions to save our environment might be total control in disguise
And we are not taking the risk. We will free our animal friends and not be slaves like them:

Everybody start thinking of where all the animals will have to go,
to live out their lives after this horror has ended?
Please think about it.

We have to stop breeding but they all have to find a place to live out their lives peacefully.

This is not about governments & a few monopolies cashing in on the profits of cannabis either,

now/ if they have come to the conclusion they can not demonize it any longer because they thought they could make more money of their opiods.
This is about giving the healing herb back to the people, so they can make a living of it.
Free our weed.
Their system of exploitation will collapse.
We will get governments that really care & look after.
When we all get together and demand a new set of rules.
Call upon all the people to make petitions!

No need to put your address in there.
Together we can do this.

This is the format: MAKE PETITIONS TO!!!
Copy as much as you like or make your own.

It’s free. It does not cost any money.

Share this message. Together we can and will do this.

Cannabis capable of eradicating terminal diseases

help our furry friends.

Killing & expoliting animals=illegal
Healing & growing healing herbs = legal

Together we will do this!!!


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