Save the sparrows

Hi friend,

How are you?

Everybody, please grow Privet hedge plants high. They must be high, 1.80 at least.
In many places in the world the sparrow is nearly extinct and on the red list of endangered species now!

He was so common just a little while ago.
But not now.
Because the modern building style has roof tiles

where the can not hide in, in extreme weather conditions.
But most of all,

because of the disappearance everywhere of high hedges.
Particularly Privet hedges= Ligustrum ovalifolium hedging.
So please grow them, to 1.80 m at least.
To save the nearly extinct sparrow.
This is their home.

Even when a housing association would order you to keep your hedge low, you can tell them about the sparrows being on the red list of extinction and needing this height to be able to live in it and you can keep your hedge high.

You will get great smelling flowers on it
and the bees love and need these too.
Only trim it a little, about 3 times a year.
This is where they live in.

Grow these hedges you will love having these birds around,
they stay all day everyday.
Feed them some mixed seeds. They will sing all day.

Look at the picture:
this one has been coming here for many years now and I only recognise this one,
because of the white feather.
But they can tell who is who no doubt.
These animals are all highly intelligent and feeling

Like all animals are.
They all deserve respect and they deserve to be protected by law.
Like all animals do.
Implemented with respect to help people back on the road of respect.

Help these sparrows. Grow your hedges high.
Thank you.

Love Dawn Eve


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